About Bryan White

Bryan White Kirumira

Bryan White Kirumira

CEO and Founder Bryan White Foundation

Bryan White born Brian Kirumira, founded the Bryan White Foundation in 2017 in order to establish a real way to support THE youth and inspire a culture of financial empowerment and entrepreneurialism in Uganda.

Brian Kirumira alias Bryan White born in 1985 and raised in Mityana town, West of Uganda’s capital Kampala.

At the age of one, his mother migrated to Italy leaving him with his father who was polygamous and had no one to take care of the young Kirumira and his siblings.

As a result Brian and his siblings were left to fend for themselves,making them to suffer a lot at the hands of other family members.
A few years later, Bryan and his siblings came to learn that their mother wasn’t coming back soon when news came in that his mother had been imprisoned, a regrettable situation that haunted the young Bryan to date.

At an early age, Bryan who was raised by Leonard Balamaga Mukasa thought that the man he had come to love was actually not his real father but a guardian.
Mukasa was businessman took care of Bryan and his siblings as if they were his own,he took them through school until Bryan left for Kampala.

He attended Mityana Public school and Central College Mityana as well as getting guidance and mentoring from Mr. Mukasa, this enriched Brian with a business mind.

Years later Kirumira joined the family of Enock Henry Kato who mentored him more till he left for Kampala.
Brian mother passed away in Italy and his sister who lives in Italy, started making arrangements to take him to meet Claudio a man who had married his mother after she had left Uganda.

Claudio was Brian Kirumira’s step father
It is with regret that Claudio passed away in 2015. Like blessings come, Kirumira was chosen as the heir of all the property owned by his late step father Claudio.

In his own words, “I want to change the perception of the youth, they can have a better life if they put their minds to its better to stop blaming the government but work towards a positive change.

During his early life, he suffered because they had no one take care of them after their mother migrated to Italy when he was one-year-old. His father was a polygamist so he concentrated on other families.

Together with his siblings, they waited for their mother’s return but all in vain as they slept at a friends’ places.

As they waited for her return, news chipped in that she was arrested charged and imprisoned. Life was hard for them in Mityana town. After learning that their mother wasn’t about to return soon, they were shared by family friends as they looked for survival.

Bryan was raised by Leonard Balamaga Mukasa’s and he knew he was his real father as he grew up.

He attended Mityana Public school and Central College Mityana before embarking on learning how to do business through his mentor and ‘father’ Mr. Mukasa’s who was dealing in cigarette business. He later became stubborn and joined the family of Enock Henry Kato who was also another businessman in the area and managed to stay there till he left for Kampala.

After the death of his mother, his sister started planning on flying him to Italy and meet his Italian step father Claudio who later died in 2015.

His sister, being married in Italy at the time of the time of his step father’s death, reportedly asked White to join her in Italy.

White is a simple man who cares for Ugandans, especially those that have failed to enjoy life in their own country.
He says youths have been poisoned, especially by politics. He wants to see them live a good life.

“I want to change the youths’ perception that the government is bad and that it’s the reason they are broke. No government can put money in your pockets if you are not hustling.”

Bryan White inherited money from his Italian step father who had married his mother while she was in Italy. The humanitarian says he inherited good heart of giving from his mother who was a good person.

Bryan White was made the heir after his step father Claudio’s death in 2015 leaving him a real estate business to inherit. His sister Sarah Nakakande who has been in Italy since 1993 would later help him to settle there for some time but he would he regularly fly back to Uganda with some little money.

Bryan said the title of the heir came to him as a surprise. “I didn’t expect it although he loved me and my sister was close to him too”.

Today Bryan White has an interest of empowering the youths financially through his Bryan White Foundation which is doing a wide range of activities regarding youth in different districts across the country.
In 2017, because of the huge amount of money he inherited, he decided to fulfill his childhood dream of starting up a foundation. He started Bryan White Foundation with an aim of awakening the youths from poverty.

He has made a name for reaching out to the youths as a way of awakening them from poverty. Bryan White Foundation(BWF)is regarded as Uganda’s biggest foundation.