Bryan White Meets Kisenyi Gang Members

Bryan White Meets Kisenyi Gang Members

As part of our commitment to reform the youth gangs, today met some of the gang members from Kisenyi who narrated how they go through hell to grab and commit crimes as a way of earning a living. The foundation is committed to helping them to have a reformed life. As the process starts, we will get them shelter and teachers to equip them with technical skills as a way of starting up fresh street free life.

The gang members have confessed how they have been used by people seeking selfish interests on several occasions and thereafter are dumped after executing their ‘boss’ missions.

They have confessed on how some of their friends disguise as shoe sellers as a way of monitoring which items people have in their cars to call friends with a mission of stealing them.

“Why don’t you come out and do something, my friends convinced me into this. I later joined a group in Kisenyi. I would deploy boys in different areas and some of them disguised as shoe sellers to monitor which items are in different cars and that’s how we would steal in Kisenyi, Kibuye Wandegeya and many other areas in Kampala,” A gang member confessed.

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