Bryan White rescues women stuck in the Middle East

Bryan White rescues women stuck in the Middle East

City humanitarian and founder of the Bryan White Foundation, Bryan White has come to rescue of Ugandan ladies who stuck in Arab countries. The ladies left Kampala to seek for greener pastures but things didn’t go down well for them. They have been trying to return but had no tickets and tried all sorts of avenues but all in vain. Bryan White through his foundation has today sent money for those ladies to buy tickets for their return.

“Some of the suffering women in Arab countries will be returning home. I have managed to send some fees to purchase Air tickets to see them come back home and toil here. I encourage fellow countrymen to seek employment within the country rather than being uncertain of employment abroad,” Bryan White said.

A Facebook Blogger by the Names of Calvin Rich brought the ladies’ plight to Bryan White through a Facebook post that went viral and reached its intended target

Below is a Photo of Calvin Rich, Having Received the money for their Tickets

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