My Next Plan of Action

My Next Plan of Action

Today I announced that I will return to Arua to continue my quest of rehabilitating members of criminal gangs in Arua town.

In his address to the Press from his Makeshift offices in Munyonyo, Our CEO said that he will continue his activism of reducing poverty among the young generation but this time is focusing more on intoxicated criminal gangs’ members. I unveiled billions of shilling to be used during my entire period of 4 months of project.

“Under my Bryan White Foundation, I will return to Arua on Friday 19th October for a period of 4 months to start the process of reforming the criminal gangs in the area,” he said.

Members from notorious youth gangs in Arua will go into a residential camp for 4 months where they will receive training to acquire individual skills in different categories like mechanics, carpentry, brick laying and concrete practice to mention but a few.

The members will also acquire financial discipline and will be rehabilitated from their drug and weed affected lives.

“My foundation will spend 4 months skilling and rehabilitating criminal minded youths. After Arua, I will head to Busia and then Kampala doing the same,”



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